We still use the Bible (1611 KJV, Authorized Version) as our only rule of faith and practice. We still believe that sinners are saved by grace, that God is sovereign in the great work of salvation, and that He has commanded the New Testament church to go into the entire world and preach the gospel to every creature. Through our missionary endeavors, we actively minister to get the message of Christ to lost humanity around the world. At the same time, we actively engage (one-on-one) to reach the lost in our own city and community. We are a soul-winning church, and we long to see people saved by the grace of God.

We anticipate the soon return of Lord Jesus Christ, and we desire to win many to the Savior before He returns. Our church has a heart for God and we have a great love for each other. Our desire is to extend that love beyond our church membership to families, friends, neighbors, and our city. We have a loving church, and we look forward to expressing love to those God sends our way. ┬áPlease visit soon! I’m sure you’ll find a hearty welcome awaiting you!

Because of Calvary,
Pastor J. Head